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Hutton Poplars Bowling Club - 2019  Rink Monitoring
2018 Rink Monitoring Duties
All men in the Club who are fit and able to
do so are expected to undertake rink
monitoring duties on weekdays as shown in
the schedule.

Session monitor - Thursday Mornings
A session monitor is appointed to cover
each Thursday morning.
His first duty is to open the green.
If the rinks are not set out because the
green keeper is off sick or on holiday, the
monitor should set out the rinks and leave
them set out, unless the green has been
closed for any reason.

The Thursday morning monitor should:
check and tidy the Club equipment
carry out a general tidy of the
pavilion including the changing
vacuum the carpet
tidy the area around the outside of
pavilion and sweep the surrounding
area including the paths.
If there are no Club members bowling
when he leaves, the monitor should
ensure that the pavilion and green are

Evening monitor
The main duty of the evening monitor is to
close the green at the end of the day
when play has finished. He should collect
in the rink markers and rubbish bins and
ensure that everything is secure. The
purpose of this is to avoid such items
being used by vandals to damage the
green. The monitor should also ensure
that the changing rooms and surrounding
areas are clean and tidy.
No evening monitor is appointed on days
when there is a home men’s or mixed
evening league match because the duties
will be carried out by the Match Steward.
If for any reason the match is cancelled,
then the Match Steward should act as
Evening Monitor and clear the green.

Standby monitor
The standby monitor is the Match Steward
of the home league match scheduled for
that day. If the match is cancelled due to
weather or other reasons it is the
responsibility of the Match Steward to
ensure that all equipment is cleared away
and that the green and pavilion are

Substitution of duties
If a member becomes aware that he will
not be available to cover the duties
allocated to him on the day shown on the
Rink Monitoring Schedule, he should in the
first instance contact another member to
arrange a substitution or agree to swap
duties. When next at the Club he should
then amend the Rink Monitoring Schedules
which are pinned to the Notice Boards in
the Pavilion and in the Lodge accordingly.
He should also advise the agreed changes
to Trevor Smith on 212008 or at

Session times are   10.30am to 1.30pm,
2:00pm to 5:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

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