Poplar Drive, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, CM13 1YU
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Start of Club Night is 16th May

As players arrive, their names are placed into a hat. (at 5:50 pm)

Prior to the actual start, 3 names are drawn from the hat. (These are the rink 1 home team).

Then a further 3 names are drawn from the hat. (These are the rink 1 away team). & so on…

The 3 selected players, must decide between themselves, who plays Lead, No.2 and Skip.

Each Rink, is given one score card, players must record all their names in full.

This is repeated until the 6 rinks are completed or names are exhausted.
(Pairs, could be the last selection, if there are insufficient names to make Trips, but not singles).

The matches are played to club rules, one score card is completed for & by each rink.

Matches are to be, a maximum of 14 ends, or 8 pm prompt finish, whichever comes first.

(Match adjudicator’s decision is final, for all situations, e.g. darkness or rain etc.)

At the end of the match, ensure the score cards are passed to an adjudicator.

(This is to ensure your shot wins are recorded to achieve a season winner).
(He keeps a list of names of all the players and tots up their total numbers of winning shots.)The winning team players, will each receive the same total number of winning shots achieved for the game. Which are then added to his/her names running total by the adjudicator, no runners up!!

This is accumulated during the season and the overall winner is the one holding the most winning shots at the season end. (If a runner up etc. this will be decided by the Bowls Club Committee).
Periodic Charts should be made available, so members can check their progress.

Advantages of this Club Night System…
Everyone gets a game, and would hopefully rarely play in the same team.
Members or leaders, are not looking for someone to make up a team.
Everyone has a chance of winning overall, regardless of ability.
Less preparation prior to each Club Night, saves phone calls etc…
Means that you can play every week or miss week/s to suit yourself.
The more you play the more shots you could win.

Following the matches tea etc. will be available in the clubhouse.
There will be no tea rota, all players are expected to join in, to prepare, serve and clean up afterwards. We need to operate this together to ensure all our enjoyment, no excuses please (But tea, biscuits etc. will be available for this, obviously for a small payment to cover any expenses).

NB: As this is a new system, we will review rules etc. at the end of the season. If there is a large concern, it will be addressed immediately. It was suggested that we introduce a rule to avoid a runaway winner, but we want to keep things simple, so please bear with us.

Prepared by Ken Key.

Wednesday Evening Club Night League 2018 Rules
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