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You should be aware that Brentwood Borough Council will be going to take part of the parking area at the lodge for the next two seasons, at least, due to the Cross Rail Project.

They require a minimum of twelve spaces, from 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, for people working in the Burrows Building who have lost their spaces in the Friars Ave Car Park.   These people pay for a season ticket for parking at a rate in excess of £1000.00/annum.

The parking restrictions will start in June and the car park will be managed by parking wardens.  It will therefore be essential that all members of the Club display their parking permit or they will be fined.  We have asked for parking permits for social members and visitors from other clubs and are awaiting a reply. The only alternative parking is in Poplars Drive which does have parking restrictions but only from 10.00am to 11.00am Monday to Friday.

Although the parking will not be restricted on the weekend it will affect games throughout the week.  This will obviously reflect on the Club as a whole and we would like members to contact their councillor and/or the Gazette either by phone, letter or e-mail and suggest that due to all the inconvenience that a reduction in the season ticket cost to Club Members should be considered by the Council.

Also members of the Club are encouraged to object to the Parking Order which is displayed on the gate to the green and the tree near the Lodge. Replies to the Council are required by 24th April.

Dress Code

Dress code has been changed following the a vote at the A G M, to play in leagues, Friendly's and most club competitions' you will need a club polo shirt

Contact Mike Murphy to order yours 01277 231500

See full details of dress code from this link

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